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Record observations to track children's progress for developmental milestones
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In order to track a child's development as they reach various milestones, staff often need to record observations of the child's progress. 

While any of Procare's activities can be used to assess a child's development (more on that here), the Observation activity will allow you to record details or take a picture of something that's happening and link it directly to a specific milestone standard. 

Here's how it works:
Go to the Activities section of the app, then select "Observation."

Select the students that you want to make the observation for, then edit the time and description. You can also take a photo to include with the observation. 

Finally, click on "Add Milestones" to select which milestone standards the observation is meant to address. You'll see a screen with a searchable / scrollable list of all the milestones in your account. Select "Submit" then "Add Observation" to record it.

Please note that Milestones can only be created, edited, or deleted from the Procare website. 

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