On the website, go to Learning > Lesson Plans, then select "All Lessons" at the top.

You'll see a list of all the lessons that have already been created for your account. At first, it will be a few sample lessons that Procare has provided for inspiration. 

Create a Lesson

Click on the blue Create Lesson button in the upper right to open the "Create Lesson" form.

From here, you can start filling out details about your lesson.

You'll notice while creating the lesson, you can add:

  • Lesson Categories (circled in pink above)
  • Milestones (circled in green above)
  • Labels (circled in blue above)
  • URLs
  • Attachments

Let's take a closer look at each item on this list.

Lesson Categories (circled in pink above)

Use the drop-down menu to select your lesson category. Please click here for more information about creating, editing, or deleting categories.

Milestones (circled in green above)
Click on the "Add Milestones" button to link your lesson to specific milestones. 

Toward the bottom, there is a blue "Manage" link that will take you to the Milestones screen where you can create, edit, or delete milestones

Keep in mind that if you click this button, your current lesson draft will not be saved automatically. I would recommend saving your lesson first, then adjust your milestone standards. 

Labels (circled in blue above)
Use labels as another way to categorize and organize your lessons. 

We have provided a few labels as examples. If you'd like to edit ours or create your own, click on the blue "Manage Labels" button at the top of the pop-up. 

From here, you can click on the pencil or trash can icons to edit or delete labels. 

You can also click on the "Add New Label" button toward the top to create a new label. 

Select the gray box to the left of the "Label name" field to choose a color for your label, then click "Save."

URLs vs Attachments
If you have the option, we recommend always using the URL to include any external resources to your lesson. This is because URLs tend to be maintained and updated by the person hosting the site, so if any changes are made, they will also automatically update for your lesson as well. 

However, if you decide to attach a PDF or other document file, you'll need to re-attach this file every time the content of the file changes. 

Filter Lessons

Go to Learning > Lesson Plans > All Lessons and click on the filter icon. You can filter by Rooms, Tags, or Lesson Categories. 


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