Weekly Lesson Plans

Schedule lesson plans on a week-by-week basis

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Prep your lessons ahead of time using our Learning feature on the Procare website. You can create your own lessons, link them to learning standards, and organize them by Room for each week. 

Add Lessons

Before adding a lesson, we recommend selecting the desired room from the "All Rooms" drop-down. 

If you are a staff member with an assigned room, you should see the name of that room automatically. Otherwise, if you elect to use "All Rooms," then your week's lesson plan will apply to every room by default.

Once you have selected the appropriate room, you can use the blue "Add Lesson" button to view all of the lessons that are currently saved for your account.

You can select as many lessons as needed for that day.

Important: When you scroll down the list of available lessons, there will be a "Create New Lesson" link. Clicking this link will take you to the Create Lesson form, and will not save any lessons you selected for the day. Please save any desired lessons before creating a new one.

Additional Information

Print or Copy of Lesson Plans

Click on the More Actions button in the upper right corner to print or make a copy of your lesson plan. You can also view a 7-day week instead of the default 5-day week. 

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