Receive Payments for Enrollment Fees

Accept fees online or via cash, check, or other

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

The Parent Registration Form allows you to accept online payments for fees (see Step 2 when setting up the form). However, you can also receive payments directly from the Leads screen without having the fee option turned on for the form itself. 

On the Leads > Leads list, for families who have paid, the amount paid will display in the "Amount" column.

How to Receive Payments

From the Leads > Leads screen, locate the family you wish to receive a payment from. Then, click the more actions button in the far right column and select Receive Payment.

Enter the payment information in the Receive Payment popup. If your school is set up for online payments, you will see Credit Card as one of the payment modes, along with Cash, Check and Other.

When you accept a credit card payment, keep in mind the card information will not be saved within the system. Once a lead becomes an active student, the parent(s) can sign up for a Procare parent account and set up their own payment method.

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