This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

If you need to make any changes to the enrollment form, click on the Edit Form button in the upper right of the Lead CRM > Configure page.

Important: The "Lead CRM" feature is for new families only, if a current family fills out the form it will create a duplicate student. *For this reason, our Lead CRM system is not a good fit for summer camps and enrichment programs.

Edit the Form

If you want to make changes to the form without publishing it, click through the Student Info, Parent Information, Authorized Pickup Info, and Policy & Waiver tabs, then click the "Save and Exit" button at the bottom. 

Edit your Payment Info

If you only want to make changes to your enrollment fee, click directly on the #2 circle for "Add Payment Method."

Once you have made your changes, click "Continue" at the bottom, then the "Publish Form" button again to save your changes. 

Re-Share the Form

Here is the link to our help article on how to Share the Form. 

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