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Once families have been added to your enrollment pipeline, you'll be able to take specific actions with their records.

The Lead CRM feature is for new families only; if a current family completes the form it will create a duplicate student. For this reason, the Lead CRM section is not a good fit for summer camps and enrichment programs.

Available Actions

There are several actions that can be completed from the Lead CRM > Leads screen. See below for more details on each action.

View Lead Profile

Click the child's name to view their Lead profile. The left side of the screen will display all the student and parent information. You can also filter between messages, events, notes, and tasks by selecting the desired tab on the right side of the screen.

The lead profile can be edited or printed from this screen by selecting the correct icon to the right of the "Lead Details" title.

Please Note: The tabs on the right side of the Lead Details screen are premium features. Please contact support for more information.

The All Activities tab displays activities connected to this lead, such as status changes, outgoing messages, payments received, and when the lead was archived or unarchived. Each activity will include the date, time, and the staff member who was logged in when that change was made.

Edit Lead

Select "Edit Lead" to quickly make changes to the lead profile information. This option allows you to edit the student and parent information.

Add Sibling

Linking children as siblings in Lead CRM will allow you to easily track incoming families and will prevent future confusion once the leads are converted to students.

Receive Payments & Mark Families as Paid

You can choose to receive a payment for a family and mark them as paid. It's possible to mark them paid without indicating the payment amount by using the "Mark as Paid."

For families who have paid, the amount paid will display in the "Amount" column and the amount will be indicated in blue.  

New Email/New SMS

The New Email and New SMS options allow you to quickly choose a family to send an email or SMS text to. These options will open the New Email/SMS Message popups, which are the same as navigating to Lead CRM > Communication > New Message.

Mark as Unpaid

This options allows you to mark an account as unpaid. Be aware, if a payment has been made, the payment amount will still display in the "Amount" column.

Archive the Record

Archiving records work well when you want to clean up your enrollment pipeline or clear duplicate records. 

Once archived, to view the records, click on the ellipsis in the top right corner and select View Archived.

From the Archived screen, you can search for a lead by name, email or phone, or filter your leads by room, expected start date, lead source and more!

If you wish to view an archived lead's profile, you must first unarchive the lead. To do this, click the ellipsis in the last column and select Unarchive.

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