Manually Add a Lead

Directly add an interested family to your enrollment pipeline

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

There may be a few parents who expressed interest in your program, but were unable to fill out the enrollment or inquiry form. Perhaps they called in to ask some questions, or they dropped by for a visit but wanted to think about it before filling out the form. 

Don't worry! We have a way for you to keep track of these parents too. As long as they're on your Enrollment List either under the Toured or Interested status, you'll have a visual reminder to check in with that family.

Important: The "Enrollments" feature is for new families only, if a current family fills out the enrollment form it will create a duplicate student. For this reason, enrollments are not a good fit for summer camps and enrichment programs.

Manually Add Parent / Student Information

If you have a parent who hasn't filled out the online form but you want to include their information in your pipeline, you can add their information using the "New Lead" button in the upper right of the Leads page or use the Quick Actions at the top of each page to add a new lead.

Fill out the new lead form with any required or pertinent information. There is space to add an optional internal note at the bottom before saving the record. 

Please note that this information isn't as extensive as when the parents fill out the enrollment form.

Possibility of Duplication
If the parent were to fill out the enrollment form after you've added them using the New Enrollment button, it will currently create a duplicate line for the family in your Enrollment list. You can archive the version that you had originally created. 

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