This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

Parents can conveniently make payments straight from their phones or computers using their debit card, credit card or bank account.

How it Works

Once you have set up your bank account to accept payments from parents within Procare online, they'll be able to log into the app, set up their preferred payment method and turn on autopay. With autopay, payments are deducted automatically on the invoice due dates, making the billing process easier than ever. 

The Set Up

Online billing can be set up on the website or from the mobile app.

From the app, click the Billing icon in the bottom menu. If your program is not set up for mobile billing, please contact support to have this feature enabled.

Click the "Set Up Account" button and continue the onscreen prompts. Please Note: You could also see a blue highlighted banner instead of the screenshot below, click "Set Up Account" to continue.

Additional Information

For Procare Center edition, please review Setting up a Billing Account: Procare Center for next steps.

For Procare Home edition, please follow the onscreen prompts.

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