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With Procare Connect's online enrollment form, you'll be able to have parents fill out an application, accept registration fees, and track where the families are as they go from showing interest in your program to becoming actively enrolled. Alternatively, you can use the form as a way to track interest in your program via an inquiry form.

In either case, you will need to keep track of where these families are in your enrollment pipeline.

How to Customize your Statuses

Go to Lead CRM > Configure and select the "Manage Lead Status" button.

Click on the "Add Status" button in the upper right to create a new status.

You can also hover over currently existing statuses and click on the pencil icon in order to edit their name, or use the trashcan icon to delete the status. 

Use the icon on the lefthand side of the status in order to rearrange the ordering. This will affect how the statuses appear in your Leads page when selecting from the drop-down menu or filtering by status.

Filter by Status

Click on the icon that looks like a bar graph and select the status you would like to filter your view by. You can only filter by one status at a time. 

Use the filter icon (next to the bar graph icon) to filter your leads by room or date range.

How to Change a Status

Click on the drop-down menu in the Status column to see all of the status options. Choose which status you would like to move the child to. 

Default Statuses

If you would like to use our default status values, here's how they could be defined:

Toured: Families who have physically visited your center or gone through preliminary steps for enrollment.

Interested: These families have shown a definite interest in enrolling in your center but have not confirmed / reserved their spot yet.

Waitlisted: Families who would like to be enrolled or have paid to reserve a spot, but there is currently no space to enroll their children. 

Admitted: Families who have received a spot at your center but will not start immediately. 

Enrolled: These children will be moved into the My School > Students section of the website and are no longer part of your enrollment pipeline. However, you can still access their enrollment form information here.

Schedule Enrollment Ahead of Time

When changing a student's status to Enrolled, you'll have the option to enroll them immediately or schedule their enrollment for a specific date. 

If you choose to schedule their enrollment, you'll view this screen:

The student will be automatically copied over to your active student roster on the selected date. 

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