Creating an Online Registration Form

Create an online registration form for new families to express interest in your center/program

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

Build an online registration form for parents to fill out in order to be placed on a waitlist or accepted as a new family into your school or center. You can have parents agree to policies and waivers, accept registration fees via credit card, and track families through your enrollment pipeline. 

Please Note: Only one form can be created, so think about the enrollment process for your school and determine what kind of form would be best for parents to complete.

Please review the additional information section at the bottom of this article for registration form best practices.

Step 1: Create the Form

Navigate to Leads > Configure, then click Setup Form.

The following screen is where you will create your form. There are 4 tabs, Student Information, Parent Information, Authorized Pick-Ups, and Policy & Waiver, to help guide you during your form creation. There are default fields applied that you can keep or remove. Please note that default fields cannot be restored once deleted.

A few fields are editable, but cannot be deleted. For all other fields, hover your mouse over them and click on the pencil icon to edit or the trashcan icon to delete the field.

Adding Fields

There are several field types to choose from when creating your form. Click the Add Field button and choose a field type. Fields will appear in the order you add them in. Please consider this when creating your form.

Here is an example of the Short Answer field type.

  • You can choose a different field type if needed.

  • A brief description explaining how the field type works will display.

  • The Field Label field is where you will enter the question for parents.

  • The Placeholder Text is what will appear in the box prior to typing the answer.

Finally, there are additional options to choose from:

  • Should be Email - this option will require parents to answer in an email address format.

  • Multiple lines required for this answer - this will make the answer text box larger.

  • This is a required field - this option will place an asterisk next to the field and the parent will be required to answer.

When you've finished editing your field, click Create Field to add it to your form. 

Preview Form

Click Preview Form in the top right to see how your form will look to the parents once it's been published. 

Your school logo and information (from School Settings > School Profile) will display at the top of the form.

Save & Exit

If you wish to complete the form at a later time, use the Save & Exit button at the bottom of the screen to save your progress.

To continue working on your form, navigate to Leads > Configure and click on Setup Form. 

Edit the Form

Once your form is published, it can be edited at anytime by clicking the pencil icon on the Leads > Configure screen. Please Note: Once changes have been made to a published form, you must click Publish Form to save the changes (see step 3).

Step 2: Accept Payments

Once you've finished creating the form, continuing to step 2 allows you to collect fees online as part of the enrollment process.

If you do not wish to collect a registration fee when the form is submitted, select No and continue to step 3.

To collect a registration fee when the form is submitted by parents, select Yes and continue below.

Key Points when accepting payments

  • To accept payments, your school must have billing set up. This can be done by clicking Setup Billing (see below for instructions) from this screen or navigating to Billing > Accounting.

  • Parents are only able to pay by credit/debit card; it does not allow for entering checking/savings account information.

  • The Student Registration Fee is collected per child. For example, if a parent is registering 3 children and the Student Registration Fee is set to $25, then $75 will be collected.

Setup Billing

If you wish to collect registration fees and your school does not have billing setup, follow the steps below or navigate to Billing > Accounting and complete the setup.

Please Note: Once you set up billing under the Leads configuration, you must still need to complete the Set Up billing process under the Billing > Accounting screen to accept online payments for regular invoices.

To continue setting up billing, click Setup Billing.

Complete the Setup your Billing Account popup, then click Save & Continue.

Once billing is setup, continue setting up your registration fees. Registration fees are collected per child.

Step 3: Share the Form

Now it's time to publish your form. Click Publish Form at the top or bottom of the screen. Once published, you can decide how you want to share your form.

Once your form is published and parents begin to complete the form, each child/family profile can be viewed on the Leads > Leads screen.

Additional Information:

  • There are default fields configured in the registration form that map to student profiles when a lead is enrolled. You are able to delete some default fields such as Medication and Authorized Pickup fields, however you cannot reset the form to restore these fields. Please ensure you do not require these fields before deleting them

  • To collect a parent signature, create a field that parents must type their name in for a digital signature

  • Any registration fee payable with submission of the registration form is per child

  • Custom fields added to the registration form do not map to the enrolled student profile. These responses and information will remain accessible through the students' Lead profile

  • Add custom fields in the order you want them to appear to families

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