Newsletters are a great way to communicate with parents, whether you want to send them an email, include an attached document, or send a collection of your latest class pictures. 

You can also include staff or make a staff only newsletter to communicate meetings or events. 

Our newsletter builder makes it easy to add content in the layout that you want. 

Here's how it works: Select Parent Connection > Newsletters on the left menu. 

Click the "Create New" button 

Choose Between the Drag and Drop or Custom HTML Editors

The drag and drop option allows for you to easily select from the preset layout options. You will be able to drag in image or texts boxes and arrange them as you would like. The Custom HTML editor also allows for customization without dropping in the specified boxes. This feature can be very useful for corporate accounts that are setting templates.

Start Customizing your Newsletter (Drag and Drop Editor)

  • Use the "Theme" bar along the top (indicated in red below) to add a background color to your newsletter.

  • The layout options (indicated in blue below) are all located along the left hand side. Click on the layout you want and drag it over to the gray Drag and Drop box. 

  • After the first item is added, you may need to move your mouse around when adding more items so that they appear in the Drag and Drop box.

  • To edit the "Newsletter Title," click on the pencil icon (circled in green below).

Adding / Adjusting Content
When hovering over a layout box, you will see:

  • A pencil, which allows you to edit the box's content.

  • A trash can which allows you to delete that layout box.

  • Three horizontal lines, which you can click and hold to reorganize your layout.

Add Photos
If you want to use photos from your computer, click on the "Upload Photos" link. If you would like to use photos from the Procare Cloud, use the "Select Photo" link. You can only choose one photo for each layout box.

Once you've selected your photo, you'll need to crop it so that it will fit within the layout. 

Keep in mind that photos also need to be less than 5MB, or you won't be able to upload them. You can use your computer's photo editor to adjust the size if necessary. The image will also need to have an aspect ratio of 1.81 :1 to fit the entire image.

Attach Files
If you need to attach a file, you can do so by clicking on the "Attach File" link towards the bottom of the newsletter draft. If your file is too large, you may need to compress it before attaching it.

Save your Draft
If you are interrupted while working on a newsletter, or decide to complete it at a later time, you can use the "Save as Draft" button at the bottom of the screen. 

You will then be able to access this by selecting the tab across the top of the page titled "Draft." 

To begin working on it again, simply click on the newsletter title or image. 

Use the ellipsis (...) to make a copy, rename, or delete your draft. 

Preview & Send
When you're ready to send the newsletter, click on the newsletter draft and scroll down to the bottom where it displays the option to "Preview and Send" 

This will take you to the Preview screen, where you can use the "Add Students & Staff" button to add recipients for your newsletter. 

You can then use the "Send Newsletter" button to send it. 

Schedule Newsletters to be Sent on Future Dates
After selecting which students will receive the newsletter, you will have the ability to schedule the newsletter to be sent at a future date by selecting "Schedule Later." You will then be able to select the date that you wish for the newsletter to be sent. 

You can view the newsletters that are set to be sent out at a future date by selecting the Scheduled tab at the top of the screen. You can find this tab by going to Parent Connection > Newsletters > Scheduled (To the right of Draft). 

View your Recipient List
Once you've sent your newsletter, you'll see the total number of recipients in the bottom left corner of that newsletter box. If you click on the number, you'll see the names of the students and/or staff.

Create Templates

If your school regularly sends out the same newsletters or slight variations, you may benefit greatly from the template feature. This allows you to create a newsletter once and then easily access the same newsletter to edit and send out to your families. 

To create a template, you will go to Parent Connection > Newsletters > Manage Templates > Create Templates. 

Accessing Your Templates

Once you have saved your templates, they can be accessed by going to Parent Connection > Newsletters > Create New > Template not selected. 

From here, you will be able to select from the different templates that you have created, add any additional information, and send them out to your families and staff. 

Tips for Composing your Message

When sending email messages to more than one family there are a few preset short-cuts you can use:

  • {{parent.firstname}}

  • {{parent.lastname}}

  • {{child.firstname}}

  • {{child.lastname}}

  • {{}}

  • {{}}

  • {{school.weburl}}

  • {{school.fulladdress}}

  • {{school.address}}

  • {{}}

  • {{school.state}}

  • {{}}

  • {{}}

Wherever this shortcut is listed (exactly as you see above, with the two curly brackets on either side), that piece of information will be replaced in the email by what we have stored for this lead or your school name.

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