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Create photo activities from the website

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To send a photo from the website, go to the Parent Connection > Daily Activity section (circled in red) and click on the "Create Activity" button in the upper right (circled in green). 

Select "Photo" from the available options. This will take you to this activity screen.

If you have photos that you would like to send from your computer, click on "Upload Photos." 

If you want to send photos that have been sent already or saved to the Procare Cloud, choose "Select Photos."

Clicking "Select Photos" will take you to a screen where you can choose between photos that have already been sent, or photos that are unsent (saved to the Procare Cloud). 

You have the option to filter sent photos by student, room, or tag. Unsent photos can only be filtered by room, since they haven't been attached to a student yet. 

Note: You will only be able to choose from Sent or Unsent photos. Not both at the same time.

If you change your mind and decide you want to send a different photo, you can click on the Manage link (circled in red below) to change your selections.

Once you're finished, you can adjust the date or time, or add a caption and click select students to choose which families to send it to. 

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