When setting up your school, you may wonder how much is gained by inviting parents to download the Procare app and set up their account. What would I gain from having parents on Procare? Wouldn't this just cause more trouble or complaints? What if parents don't know how to do something -- how will I answer their question?

Let's address each of these concerns in turn.

1. Build Closer Relationships between Staff and Parents

  • By making it easier for parents to receive updates and respond to staff messages, they are more likely to feel confident that their child is receiving the best care at your center. 
  • The photos and videos you send will often be the highlight of a parent's day.

2. Procare Works Hard to Reduce Complaints & Confusion

  • For parents who don't want to receive multiple messages, there's an option to pick and choose which notifications they want to see. 
  • The app is easy to understand, and for any questions our customer success team is here to help. When parents have a question you can't answer, check out our Parent Help Articles or ask us, we are happy to help!
  • The most effective way to reduce confusion is to inform parents that you have decided to implement Procare at your school, and for what purpose. 

3. What Can the Parent do in the App?

  • Message their child's teacher or school admins
  • Quickly view their sign in-out pin if they forget it
  • View any activities that were recorded by staff
  • Edit their child's allergies & medications
  • Edit their child's authorized pickup list
  • Add profile pictures for themselves, their children, and their authorized pickups
  • View their current account balance
  • Set up auto-pay or make manual online payments

4. What Can't the Parent do in the App?

  • Parents CANNOT sign their child in or out from their own app or device.
  • Parents DO NOT need to pay for the Procare app. It's free for parents to download and sign up.
  • Parents CANNOT sign up for online payments unless your school has enabled this feature on the website.
  • Parents CANNOT edit their child's profile or pickup list if you choose to disable this feature on the website under Settings.

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