Many centers like to see a recent picture of their children in their student profiles. It also helps during sign in-out to have current pictures of all authorized pickups. And, of course, having pictures for all of the staff helps everyone know each other's faces.

Some of these pictures will need to be saved by the individuals themselves, but here's how the basic process works.

For Your Account

1) In the App

Go to the menu and click on "Edit Profile."

Once there, you'll click on the small camera icon next to the gray silhouette in order to take a picture or add one from your device gallery.

2) From the Website
You can also do this from the website by clicking on the gray silhouette icon in the upper right, selecting your name, and then clicking on the gray silhouette again to upload a picture.

For a Child's Profile

  1. In the App

From the home screen, click on the name of a child. Select "Edit" in the upper right-hand corner.

From there, click on the gray silhouette with the blue camera and take a picture directly or add one from your device gallery.

2) From the Website
Go to My School > Students and click on the name of the child to open their profile. Then select the gray silhouette image to add a profile picture that has been previously saved on your computer.

For Parents and Authorized Pickups
You can ask parents to log into the Procare app and follow these instructions for adding profile pictures for themselves and the rest of their authorized pickups. 

You can also take the pictures yourself while logged into the Procare app:

  • Go to the child's profile

  • Select Edit

  • Tap on the name of the parent or authorized pickup

  • Tap on the gray silhouette icon with the blue camera to take their picture or add their picture from the device gallery

For Other Staff Members
At this time, only staff members who are able to log in can change their profile pictures. We'll be providing the option to add a picture for staff who do not have log in access at a later date.

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