Know When a Parent has Signed Up

How to check if a parent has signed up for a Procare account

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How Can I Tell if a Parent Has Signed Up?

There are two ways to see the status of a parent's Procare account:

Option 1: Navigate to My School > Students list. Locate the student and hover your mouse over the Parents column.

  • Orange address book icon means there is no email address entered for that parent.

  • Orange hourglass indicates the parent has been invited, but has not signed up.

  • Green shield means the parent has successfully signed up.

Option 2: My School > Students > Select a student and scroll to the Parent/Guardians section. Below the parent/guardian name is an account status.  

  • Signed Up - the parent has successfully signed up.

  • Invite - the parent has never received an invitation.

  • Re-Invite - the parent has been sent an invite, but has not signed up yet.

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