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Parents: Sign In-Out without a Pin
Parents: Sign In-Out without a Pin

Pinless option for parent sign in-out

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When you arrive at your childcare center, you will need to sign your child in or out in order to maintain accurate attendance records. Procare Connect offers a Parent Kiosk with two options: the pin-based mode and the pin-less mode.

NOTE: Your childcare provider will most likely choose either the pin-based or the pin-less mode for you to use during sign in-out.

Here is a walk-through of how the pin-less mode works.

You will most likely walk up to a mobile device set to this screen. 

From here, you can tap on your child's profile picture, or use the search bar to find your child quickly. Once you've clicked on your child's profile picture, you'll see a list of all the individuals authorized to pick up your child.

You will select your own name, and continue with the process of signing your child in or out.

Your childcare provider may also have these features enabled:

  • Parent Kiosk Form

  • Parent Signatures

If enabled, these features will appear after you have pressed the blue Sign In/Out button.

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