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Hardware and operating system requirements for the Procare child care mobile app

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The Procare child care mobile app is available on multiple app stores, and can be downloaded on tablets or mobile phones for use by staff.

iOS Devices

  • Download the app from the Apple Store

  • Works on iOS devices version 12.4 and above

Android Devices

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store

  • Works on Android devices version 5.0 and above

Amazon Devices

  • Download the app from the Amazon Appstore

  • Works on Amazon Fire tablets

  • Note: this does not include Amazon Fire Kids Version tablets

*If you are unable to download the app to your Amazon device, please follow the below steps: 

Install Google Play store to all new devices. You will be able to use the common Google Play app and search there. It will take some time to install, but at least it should solve the problem. Here is an article which describes required steps:

Keeping your Device Updated

If you need to check which version your device is using, the details for how to do so will be different for each device type. 

In general, you will need to go to your device Settings, select the "About" section, and view the device version. From the Settings, you will also be able to view if there are any required software updates available for download. 

On iOS:
Select Settings and go to the "General" section. To view the software version and whether there are any available updates, click on "Software Update."

On Android:
To view the device version, select "Help & Support" from the side menu, then click on "About" to view the version.

If you need to update your phone, go to "Settings." In the system area, there will be a "system updates" option. You can also select "About" or "About Phone" from Settings to view whether there is an update available. 

NOTE: Menus for android devices will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have trouble finding your device version or updates, please do an internet search specific to your device.

On Amazon Fire tablets:
To view your device version and whether you need an update, swipe a finger down from the top of the tablet. Tap Settings, then "Device Options." Click on "System Updates" and view your operating version toward the top of the screen.


Q: Can I use an iPad Mini?

A: Since the device will need to be able to run iOS 10 or greater, only the 5th generation of iPad Mini will be supported. Be cautious of the generation when purchasing these devices.

Q: Can I use a Google Chromebook?

A: Since the app requires access to the app store and that it be downloaded on a mobile device, Google Chromebooks are not able to run the app but they will be able to access the website.

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