Procare Connect is all about keeping parents and schools connected. Once they are added in the system, parents can sign up for a Procare Connect account through the app or website. 

From their account, parents can: 

  • add/edit their child's allergies or medication,
  • add/edit their authorized pickup list,
  • log in to view their current balance,
  • make payments or setup auto-pay,
  • view a live feed of their child's activities, and
  • receive/reply to messages from their child's teacher.

Invite Parents by Email or SMS (text)

From web:
When you enter a parent's email address or mobile phone number, there is an option to send the parent an email or text invite (see screenshot below).

If you choose to uncheck that option, the parent will not immediately receive an invitation. Learn more about managing parents in this article. 

From mobile:

You can also invite parents from an individual student's profile by clicking on the "Edit Profile" option in the upper righthand corner of our app.  You can then click on "Add Parent" to see the screen below:

Invite Parents through Printed Handouts

If you don't have email or text information of a parent, then you can simply print and hand copy of invitation to them. You can generate those invites following below steps:

  • Go to My School --> Students.
  • Click the ellipsis (...) in the upper right of the website and choose "Print Parent Invite."
  • Download the PDF with parent invitations on each page for each family who has not yet signed up for a Procare Connect account.

NOTE: If one parent has signed up but the other has not, there will still be a page generated in the PDF for the family to sign up. However, if a family is completely signed up, a page will NOT be generated for them in the PDF.

How to Resend Invitations to Parents?

If you have imported a spreadsheet of student data into Procare Connect or chose not to invite parents when initially adding their information, then follow below steps to invite or re-invite them:

  • Go to My School --> Students
  • Click the ellipsis (...) in the upper right of the website to choose "Send Parent Invite."
  • Select the parents to invite individually, click the "Show students whose parents are not invited," or click "Select All."

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