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How staff will sign up for their Procare account
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After a staff member has been added to your school, they will need to create a Procare account in order to view their students, send messages to parents, and record daily activities. 

NOTE: Staff members without an email address in the system will not receive an invitation for account creation. See Add, Edit, or Deactivate Staff for more information.

From the Staff Management > Staff page, you can view if a staff member needs to be invited, re-invited, or has already signed up for an account.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Create Staff Profiles

When adding staff to your Staff List, once you enter their email address and click Save, the staff member will receive an emailed invitation to create an account.  

This email will include an invitation code the staff member will need to have on hand when they sign up for their account.

Step 2: Download App or Navigate to Website

The staff member will navigate to and click "Sign Up," or download the Procare app on their mobile device and click "Create Account."

Step 3: Creating Account

  1. Select "Staff/Teacher".

  2. Click "Join Existing School or Program". Note: If this option is not selected, an account will be created for a separate school and will not see any information from your school.

  3. Complete the following screen. Once completed, they will be able to log in to both the app and the website.

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