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Make sure you have the correct time zone for your account

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While time is something many of us worry about in general, we don't often think about what our time zone is, or how our time zone affects day to day activities.

When it comes to Procare, several features are time-based, including:

Student Attendance & Staff Timecards

Whenever parents Sign In-Out or a staff member clocks in-out, our system will automatically record the current time according to the time zone listed in your profile. There is no option to select a time during either of these activities in order to ensure an accurate attendance record.

Recurring Billing Plans

Billing plan invoices go out on the morning of the "Generate Invoice" date you selected for your plan. 

Parent accounts that have auto-pay enabled are then charged on the morning of the due date you selected for your plan.

How to Set Your Time Zone

Because our clients are located across the globe, it's very important that you make sure the correct time zone is listed for your account.

On the website:

1. Go to School Settings --> School Profile.

2. View your time zone. If you're not sure that it's listed correctly, you can try googling the name of your location (city, state) and the words "time zone."

3. If it's not listed correctly, or not filled out, you'll need to click on the "Edit Profile" button.

The time zone picker can seem overwhelming, but it helps to begin typing your continent (the Americas are just listed as "America"). From there, you may need to scroll through the list to find a major city that is in your time zone. 

In my case, for example, we're located in Santa Clara, California, but my time zone is set for America/Los Angeles. 

If it's not obviously apparent which option you should select, an internet search will be the best way to find the correct time zone for your location.

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