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Update a parent's email address

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Although we all hope that our contact information is entered correctly on the first try, sometimes parents need to change their email addresses in the system. A parent may have decided to stop using their old email, or they realized that their email was off by a letter, or (unfortunately) their email was hacked. 

In any case, here's how we can help!

Option 1

If the parent has not signed up for their Kinderlime account yet, you can: 

  1. Go to the website under My School > Students.

  2. Select the name of the child. 

  3. Scroll down to the Parents / Guardians section and click on the ellipsis (...) at the end of the row. 

  4. Click "Edit Parent," change the email address, and click "Save Changes."

Option 2
If the parent has already signed up for their Kinderlime account, you'll need to send a chat message to the Kinderlime team with the parent's name and the email address that they would like to use from now on. We'll take it from there!

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