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Send SMS for Emergencies: Website Only
Send SMS for Emergencies: Website Only

Send a text alert to your parents

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Is your school going to be closed due to weather? Has a child suddenly become sick or injured? Is there a drill that the parents need to know about?

While you have the option to send parents a message using the app's push notifications, send out an email newsletter, create a pop-up message during Sign In-Out, or call the parents directly from a child's profile in the app, in cases of real emergencies, you can choose to send a text message. 

Click Parent Connection > Messages > New Message. If you have an urgent message, turn on the "Send also as SMS" option while composing a message. 

Enabling the SMS feature will send your message as a one-way text blast to the selected families' cell phone numbers on file. Parents will not be able to reply to the text.

Text Count Limit
You will start with a limit of 400 text messages sent per month. Please contact us If you would like to increase your limit to 2,500 or 10,000 texts*.

*Additional fees may apply

Character Limit
Texts have a 300 character limit. If text messages are longer than 300 characters, parents will be able to view and respond to the full message from the app. This feature is only available for mobile numbers in the United States.

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