For Parents

At this time, PINs are randomly generated by our system and assigned to a parent upon creation of the account. 

In order to ensure that each parent has a unique identifying pin that will only pull up their own child during the Sign In-Out process, we cannot allow parents to choose their own pins at this time. If they would rather not use a pin, we offer the PIN-less mode in the Parent Kiosk of the Procare app. Read more about it here.

For Staff

Staff PINs are also randomly generated by the system. However, you can assign a different PIN as long they are between 0001 and 0999 and is not the same as another staff member's.

  1. Navigate to Staff Management > Staff and select the staff member.

  2. Locate the Clock In-Out PIN field and click the pencil icon to edit.

  3. Once updated, click the blue check-mark.

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