Is it Licensing Compliant?

When a licensing agent comes knocking at your Child care door

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Yes, our Sign In-Out system is licensing compliant by providing a unique 4-digit pin code for all parents, guardians, and authorized pickups. 

Whenever someone signs a child in or out, a timestamp records the child's name, the individual's name, the room that the child is being signed into (if applicable), and the exact time.

Most licensing agencies across the U.S. will accept digital signatures as long as you have a waiver on file. Check out our Waiver Template below.

Feel free to download, edit and personalize as needed to send to your licensing agent.

Signature/Pin Authorization:

We also have the option to enable parent signatures in our settings. This will prompt parents to sign on the touch-screen of your mobile device after they have pushed the button for signing their child in or out.

Below is a Signature/Pin Authorization Form to capture parent and carer signatures. You can download it, fill it out, and keep it on file if desired:

If you are not sure your licensing agent will approve pins but you want to get started, you can enable Parent Signatures and the parents can sign with their fingers on the screen after they enter their pin. 

Attendance Records:

And, of course, all attendance records can be pulled as reports from the Procare website. When you need to print any reports for a licensing agent, you can do it with a few clicks.

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