Analyze Student-Staff Ratios

Use student sign-ins and staff clock-ins to track ratios

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Depending on what type of program you run (Child care, preschool, or after school), the required student-staff ratio ranges from 1:5 to 1:20. Our system allows you to track the raw data as students and staff record their in-out times. You can also click here to learn how to set up ratio alerts for your center.

To ensure that ratios are accurate, all students will need to be signed in to their current room. This can be done by parents or staff. If at any point the children move to another room or activity, they will need to be transferred to another room by a staff member. 

Similarly, staff will need to clock-in to their current room, transfer to another room when necessary (for example, when on break or lunch), and of course clock-out at the end of the day.

You can then use this data to determine how many staff members you need at your childcare at any given time of day.

How to View Student-Staff Ratios

  • From the website, select Sign In-Out > Student Staff Ratio. 

  • Use the filters along the time to select a time frame. 

  • Hover along the data points to view how many students and staff are in each room.

As children begin to funnel out of their rooms at the day’s end, you can check our Student-Teacher Ratio feature. You have the ability to calculate the ratios across all classrooms and determine which need to be adjusted. If you see a classroom that has dwindled down to four children, yet still has two teachers present, you can send one of the teachers home for the day. Over time, you may see a similar pattern occurring in specific classrooms and can schedule your teachers accordingly.

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