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Ask parents questions during Sign In-Out

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The Parent Kiosk Form can assist you with obtaining important information from parents during check-in or check-out. Parents can be prompted to answer health-related questions prior to their child(ren) entering the building or classroom. Other uses could be asking parents if their child is hot lunch or cold lunch, or the reason for late arrival or early departure.

Step 1: Enable the Kiosk Form

Navigate to School Settings > Settings, then click "Setup Form" to begin setting up your Kiosk Form.

Step 2: Create Your Form

You will see a pop-up with fields for entering your question/prompt, possible answer choices for the parents and the time frame for when the prompt should appear.

You will be able to add up to 5 custom check-in questions with up to 8 multiple choice answers. You can choose to allow parents to select multiple answers or only one.

Step 3: How it Works

Parents will follow the usual steps on the Parent Kiosk. However, after pressing the button for Sign In/Sign Out, the Kiosk Form will appear. Parents will then be able to select their answer(s) and add an additional note if necessary.

After submitting the form, the parents will then record their signature (if parent signatures are enabled) and the screen will return to the Parent Kiosk for the next parent. 

Step 4: Reviewing the Answers

After parents have answered your kiosk questions, you can view the answers in several areas within the mobile app and on the website.

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