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Parents: Make a Payment (Website) & Set Up AutoPay
Parents: Make a Payment (Website) & Set Up AutoPay

Make a full or partial payment on your child's account via the website

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Electronic Payments

Once your school has enabled online payments, you can pay using a debit card, credit card, or bank account (ACH).

Please Note: Each parent must set up online payment methods separately. If there are two parents on an account, they are unable to view or use each other's payment method.

Make a Payment

  1. Log in to and click Pay Now.

  2. Your current balance will display as the payment amount. To change the amount, click the pencil icon.

  3. Enter your payment amount and click the checkmark.

  4. Verify the "You Owe" amount is the amount you wish to pay, then click Make Payment. (Please Note: If your school has the option enabled, you can select "Turn On Auto-Pay from Next Invoice" - see below.)

  5. VERIFY - Once the confirmation screen displays, your payment has been successfully submitted and you will be redirected to the Dashboard.


If your school has enabled auto-pay, you have the option to enable it while making your payment.

Auto-payments include the payment amount for any outstanding balance on the account for invoices with a current or past due invoice date. Future dated invoices will be processed for auto-payment matching their invoice due date.

Important: Autopay will run the oldest payment method on file. Note that If both parents use the same payment method, and an update needs to occur, both parents must update on each account.

If you disable auto-pay, you will need to initiate the payment every billing cycle. 

NOTE: The school retains the ability to manually auto-debit even if auto-pay is disabled (talk to your school for details).

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