Electronic Payments

Once your school has enabled online payments, you can pay using a debit card, credit card or bank account transfer (ACH) by clicking "Payments" on the left side, or "Pay Now" on the right. 

Important Note
Parents are able to set up online payment methods separately. This means that if one parent sets up a credit card on their account, the second parent will still see a "Set Up Payment Method" button on theirs. The second parent will not be able to view or change the first parent's payment method.

How it Works
In order to set up your payment method, click on the blue "Set Up Payment Method" button as shown below. Then you will see one of the following screens below to choose whether you are adding a bank account, credit card or a debit card, depending on your school's accepted payment methods.

Depending on how the school or center is set up, when adding a credit card, you will see one of the following screens. Please fill out all information.

While adding an ACH / bank account, you'll see one of the following screens.

If you see the second screen listed above and choose to connect with your bank directly, you will be asked to log into your bank account through Plaid, an extremely secure platform that will immediately verify your identity and your bank information to begin processing payments. 

If you choose to set up the account manually by entering the routing information, you'll see this form:

After entering your information, you will receive two micro-deposits in your account within the next two days. Once they appear, you'll need to verify your account by entering the amounts of the micro-deposits. 

NOTE: There is a short window of time when you can enter these micro-deposits for verification. Once the window has passed, you will need to start the process over again.


If you enable auto-pay when setting up billing, the full available balance will be pulled from your account on the due date listed on the invoice every billing cycle.

If you disable auto-pay, you will need to initiate the payment every billing cycle. 

NOTE: The school retains the ability to manually auto-debit even if auto-pay is disabled (talk to your school for details).

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