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Download list of birthdays, addresses and carer pins

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You can pull a report of the data that parents or staff have entered into Procare.

Go to Reports and click on "Students and Family."

Schools have the ability to customize this report before it is generated. Schools will be able to specify the room, enrollment type and fields that they would like to be displayed. 

Procare has provided the following reports as options under the Student and Family Report for schools to quickly export specific data:

  • Student Info

  • Age Report

  • Allergy Report

  • Students and Family Info

  • Custom Report

The final option that schools can choose from is the Custom Report. Once you have selected the option for the Custom Report, you will see a list of all of the available fields, room types, and enrollment statuses. You will simply need to select the checkbox to the left of the fields that you would like to be included in the report.  

Accessing Reports:
Whenever you run a report, a little window will appear on the bottom right of the page. You can click on the window to open the report. The report will also populate on the righthand side of the screen under Recently Generated Reports.

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