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Parents: Review your Child's Daily Activities
Parents: Review your Child's Daily Activities

View your child's activities, photos and more

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Use the Procare mobile app or parent web portal to view your child's Daily Activities recorded by staff members from your child’s school. These activities can include meals, naptime, bathroom breaks, and more!

Viewing Daily Activities

When you launch your mobile app or log into the web portal, the home screen will display your child’s Activity Feed with the latest on top. This feed is updated in real time and automatically loads the last four weeks of activities. Activities older than four weeks can be viewed by clicking the new “Load More Activities” button at the end of the feed.

Use the Filter icon to select which activities to view or to select a date range.

Please Note: Each school selects which activities to share with parents. Please contact your child's school with any questions.

Viewing Activities in the App

Viewing Activities on the Web

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