Parents: Message your Child's Teacher

Receive and reply to messages from your child's teacher

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Easily view and send messages to your child's teacher(s) from your phone!

Find messages:

In your Procare app, you can find messages by clicking the chat icon in the top right corner.

Once you are on the Messages screen, a pink dot indicates a new message has been received. Click the message to view and reply.

Sending New Messages:

Start a direct message with your child's teacher by tapping the round pencil icon in the bottom right, then choose which child (if applicable).

Type your message and click "Send". This message will be sent to all teachers assigned to your child's classroom.

Split Family Settings:

When first clicking to view a message, you will see a pop-up that explains how message conversations are shared between all parent/guardians on the account and the staff at your child's school. 

If you do not wish to share the conversation with other parent/guardians on your child's profile, you will need to adjust your settings.

You can adjust the setting again in the future by clicking on the setting icon in the upper right of your message screen.

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