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Send and receive messages from parents directly in the app

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Communicate with parents via the Procare website and mobile app. To start a new conversation or view a received message, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the Procare mobile app and click the Messages tab at the bottom.

  2. A list of messages will display with the name of the student, the name of the person who sent the last message, and a preview of the last message sent. Select a conversation or click the blue pencil icon in the bottom corner to compose a new message.

  3. When composing a new message, select the student(s), then click Next.

  4. Select Message or Alert

    1. Message - Use the Message option to start a conversation with the parent(s).

    2. Alert - Use the Alert option to send as a text message. Text messages have a limit of 300 characters and parents cannot reply, but can do so from the mobile app's Messages section. Your account will show your text limit. If you would like to increase the number of texts please contact Procare support for pricing.

  5. Compose your message, then click Send.

Families have the option to keep their messages private. In this case, you will see a tab with each parent's name once you have selected the conversation with that student. Staff members will be able to simply select the tab that lists the name of the parent that they wish to communicate with. 

Student Details within Messaging

A “Student Details” card located in the Message thread. While messaging parents/guardians, you can quickly look up the room a student is signed in to and access parent/guardian contact information by clicking the child's name/avatar.

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