Add Daily Activities (for the current or past dates):

  1. Click "+Create Activity" on the top right of the page (see red arrow below).

  2. Select the activity you wish to record.

  3. Type in the information needed. 

  4. Select the correct children and Create Activity. 

Review Daily Activities:

Go to Parent Connection > Daily Activity. You can either scroll through the activity feed or click Daily Summary. 

  • You will see the Activity Feed of children's activities. Use the link at the top to switch to the Daily Summary view (Blue Circle).

  • Activities that need approval will have an indicator on the Bottom of the Activity. (Green Circle).

  • You can create activities by selecting the blue button in the top right-hand corner.

  • You can see all of the daily activities for a individual by selecting that child's name.

Filtering Activities
Filter for previous days; specific rooms, tags, or activities; individual children; or activities waiting for approval using the filter icon.

Follow the directions in the sections below to approve activities, edit/delete activities, or add new activities.

Approve Daily Activities:

  • To approve an activity you will need to be logged in as an admin. 

  • You will then go to Parent Connection > Daily Activity. If the activity is ready to be sent out, you will simply need to press the approve button. 

  • Admins can filter for activities that are pending approval by using the filter icon to the right of the search bar. 

Edit or Delete Daily Activities:

  1. Click on the child's name to open their activities.

  2. Find the item and use the ellipsis (...) on the right side to edit or delete (Red Circle). 

  3. Deleting or editing an item will also delete or change that item in the parent's app.

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