Add Daily Activities

  1. Navigate to the Parent Connection > Daily Activities screen. Then click Create Activity.

  2. Select the activity you wish to record.

  3. Complete the popup and click Save.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed displays all activities recorded on the current day. You can choose to view by a selected student, or by date, week, or month. Use the filter icon to filter by room, tags, or activity type. Use the "Display activities for admin approval" radio button to filter by activities waiting on admin approval.

  • Activities awaiting admin approval are indicated with "Staff" below the activity icon and will display an "Approve" button.

  • Use the More Actions icon on the right of each activity to edit, delete, or create a report (if applicable).

Approving Daily Activities

When creating Daily Activities, there is an option for "Staff Only - Requires Admin Approval for Parents". This option requires the activity to be viewed and approved by an admin prior to sending to parents.

Please Note: To approve an activity, you must be logged in as an admin.

To Approve:

  1. Navigate to the Parent Connection > Daily Activity screen.

  2. Select the "Display activities for admin approval" radio button to view only activities awaiting approval.

  3. Review each activity and click "Approve" or click "Approval All" at the top.

  4. The "Approve" button will be removed and "Approved" will display in green.

Daily Summary

The Daily Summary displays one day at a time. Use the calendar field to choose a different date or use the filter icon to view specific activities or by room/tags.

  • View each child's activities by clicking their name.

  • To view details for each activity, click the icon under the Activity column.

  • Click Report to display all activities for the selected day and child.

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