Increase your parent engagement by utilizing daily activities, such as meals, nap times, photos, videos and more! Daily activities can be added via the mobile app or on the web for one or more children at a time. Once a daily activities is added to a child's timeline, it is then viewable by the parents from the mobile app.

Recording Daily Activities

Launch your Procare mobile app and click "Activity" at the bottom. 

Choose the activity you wish to record.

Select the students and click Next. Complete the activity details screen and click Add Activity.

By choosing the "Visible Only to Staff" option, parents will not see the activity in the Activity Feed. The activity will only appear for admins under the Parent Connection > Daily Activity screen.

Editing or Removing a Daily Activity

Daily Activities can be edited or removed from the app.

  1. From the home screen, select the child's name.

  2. Click the calendar icon to search by date and/or the filter icon to search by activity.

  3. Click the icon to the left of the activity.

  4. Choose "Edit Activity" or "Remove Activity". If editing the activity, make the necessary changes and click "Update Activity".

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