Add Daily Activity:

Record daily activities by choosing "Activity" at the bottom of the app's home screen. 

  1. Choose the activity you wish to capture (Red Circle).  
  2. Select the appropriate students. 
  3. Fill in the details and determine if you want to select "Staff Only."
  4. Click "Add Activity" (Yellow Box). 
  5. If you did not select "Staff Only," parents will be able to see the activities update live in their Parent App and receive a push notification (Purple Box).
  6. Once the student is signed out a Daily Summary Report of that student's activities will automatically be emailed to their parent(s).

Remove or Edit a Daily Activity:

You can edit or remove an existing entry directly in the app.

  1. Click on the child's name.
  2. Click the calendar to search by date and/or the funnel icon to search by activity.
  3. Click the icon of the activity to the left and select either "Edit Activity" or "Remove Activity."
  4. Make the changes (if applicable) and click "Update Activity."

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