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Add, Edit, or Delete Rooms (Web)
Add, Edit, or Delete Rooms (Web)

Add, edit, or delete rooms from the website.

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Create rooms to help organize groups of students and track their movement throughout the day. There are many ways you can use rooms, some examples are rooms based on grade, age, activities, by teacher, physical classroom names.

Navigating the All Rooms Screen

  • Capacity – this is the maximum number of students the room holds and can be set on the room profile.

  • Assigned Students – this is the number of students assigned to each room. Clicking the number of students directs you to the My School > Students screen and displays only students assigned to the selected room.

  • Current Checked-In Students – this is the total number of students currently signed into each room. Clicking the number of children will direct you to the Student Sign-In > Attendance screen.

To reorder the room list, use the icon to the left of the room name to drag and drop in the appropriate order.

Use the More Actions icon in the right column view the room profile (see below for details) or deactivate the room.

To view deactivated rooms, toggle the View Deactivated field on (toggle will be blue when showing deactivated rooms).

Room Profiles

Each room contains three tabs: Profile, Students, and Staff.

  • Profile - the Profile tabs allows you to view and edit the room name, room status, capacity, and age range. Please Note: room status cannot be deactivated if students are currently assigned to it, which is indicated with a lock icon.

  • Students - students assigned to the selected classroom will display with their schedule, add more students to the room, or use the More Actions icon to view the student's profile or reassign them to a different room.

  • Staff - the staff tab allows you to view staff members assigned to the selected room, add additional staff, or use the More Actions icon to view the staff profile or assign them to a different room.

Creating a Room From the Web

  1. Navigate to My School > Rooms. To add a room, click Add Room or click the room name to edit the room details.

  2. Complete the Add Room popup, then click Create Room. Please Note: The Room Name is required, but Capacity is optional. The capacity will display on the Live Room Status table on the Dashboard.

  3. To add additional information on the room, click the room name from the Rooms list or click the More Actions icon, then View Profile.

  4. To edit the room name, capacity, or age range, place your mouse over the field and click the pencil icon. Please Note: A lock icon next to the room status means there are active students currently assigned to the room.

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