Create rooms to help organize groups of students and track their movement throughout the day. There are many ways you can use rooms, some examples are rooms based on grade, age, activities, by teacher, physical classroom names.

You can also assign capacities and ages to each room.

Creating a Room From the Web

  1. Navigate to My School > Rooms, then click Add Room.

  2. Complete the Add Room popup, then click Create Room. Please Note: The Room Name is required, but Capacity is optional. The capacity will display on the Live Room Status table on the Dashboard.

  3. The new room will be at the top of the All Rooms list. Use the 3 line icon to reorder the rooms.

  4. Use the More Actions icon in the right column to edit the room details or deactivate a room.

  5. When selecting Edit Room, a popup will display. This popup allows you to add/edit the room name, room capacity, and age range.

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