Accept Parent Signatures & Print Reports

Capture parent signatures and download PDF reports with signatures

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Some programs require physical signatures to be compliant with licensing. Procare's Parent Signature feature will allow you to collect signatures from parents when they pick-up or drop-off their child.

Step 1: Enable Parent Signatures

  • In the App, go to the Main Menu, select "My School" and then "Settings" and click the "Parent Signatures" 

  • On the website, go to "School Settings" and click "Settings" to enable "Parent Signatures."

Step 2: Collecting Signatures

Now parents will be prompted to sign with their finger on the device's screen when they pick-up or drop-off their child . (See How do Parent Sign In-Out

Step 3: Print reports with signatures

On the website, go to "Reports" and download the "Daily Attendance" report. You can select the date and room (or All Rooms) and click "Generate Report." Download the PDF to see the physical signatures. 

Another report option: For a report that has all of the signatures for a given student for a selected time period, go to My School --> Students, click on the student's name and use the calendar icon beneath their profile picture to export a copy of their monthly sign in-out records with signatures. This report can be generated for a specific date or for an entire week.

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