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Access and download Family Balances and Transactions (Payments and Reports)

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

Pull summaries of the billing activity at your child care. You can download three different reports under the "Reports" tab (circled in red below):

  • Family Balance Report: view total invoices, payments and outstanding balance up to the date selected (blue arrow below)

  • Transaction Reports - Payments: view payment descriptions, status (successful, in process, or failed), amounts, and current family balances for a specified time period (green arrow below)

  • Transaction Reports - Invoices: view invoice amount, due date, status (sent, not sent), and current family balances for a specified time period (green arrow below)

  • Detailed Transaction Breakdown: Get a detailed breakdown and summary of transactions for a date range.

  • Tuition Billing Plans: Exports all tuition plans for all children. A great way to see if you are missing a billing plan for a child.

  • Aging Report: Family account balance over the last 6 months. 

  • Payouts (STRIPE ONLY): Deposits to your bank account for processed payments. 

  • Ledger Detailed Transactions: Provides a list of all transactions for each ledger. 

  • Bank Account Activity (Tuition Express Only): Provides reporting of transactions expected to be seen in your bank account. 

  • Payout Expected Deposit (Tuition Express Only): Gives payout expected date for credit card transactions. 

  • Transaction Batch Details (Tuition Express Only): Gives all ACH transactions batched by date and sent for clearance. 

  • Merchant Statement (Tuition Express Only): Monthly merchant statement document

  • ACH Returns / Credit Card Declines (Tuition Express Only): Summary of returned ACH items and declined credit card items. 

Accessing Reports:
The report will populate to the right of the Reports page under Recently Generated Reports (circled in red). The available formats for the report will be listed to the right as well. 

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