This article applies to the Procare Home online version only (without desktop). If you have Procare Center or above (> 30 children), view how to setup a billing account for Procare Center.

Accept online payments to further streamline your administrative duties! A quick sign up process will allow you to accept debit and credit card payments. No more manually logging check/cash payments for you!

*If you reside outside of the United States call us first at 877-679-0950 before setting up your online billing account.

  1. Go to School Settings > School Profile and make sure you have added your EIN tax code if you have one. Click on the Edit Profile button to update any information. 

2. Select Billing > Accounting. In the blue bar at the top, select SETUP ACCOUNT.

3. While setting up for online billing you will have the choice of assigning the transaction fees to the parents or the school. 

  • If the parents assume the transaction fees then any online payments made will be deposited in full into your account. The parents will pay what they owe to the school PLUS any associated transaction fees.

  • If the school assumes the transaction fees then any online payments made will be deposited minus the transaction fee you are charged.

4. Please complete the requested information to finish setting up your billing account.

If your account is verified, you can begin accepting parent payments immediately.

This is all that is needed for most accounts; however, if your account needs additional verification you will see a request to update your information along the top of the screen.  

Stripe Details:

Stripe transaction fees: 2.75%+ $1.00 for Credit Card transactions.

Payout Timeline: Credit Card payments will be deposited into your account within 1 business day as the payment was made before 1:00 PM PST. If a payment was made on the weekend or holiday, the timeline begins on the next business day. 

Pending payments: These appear with a pending status as soon as the parent initiates the payment online. It can be listed as pending until up to 5 business days after the payment was initiated, although the funds may already be in your account. 

Payments fail if any of the following issues occur:

  1. The parent had insufficient funds in their account. 

  2. The parent's bank account or credit card numbers were entered incorrectly. 

  3. Your own bank account number was entered incorrectly. 

When a payment fails, the money that was previously deposited will be withdrawn from your Stripe account and the payment itself will be marked with a red X on the family account page. 

Support: If you have any questions on a payment, please reach out to Procare Connect Support via the online chat bubble.

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