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Add & Edit Student Profiles

Add new students/children to your account

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You can add students one of three ways: on the website, in the app, or (if you have more than 30 students to enter) you can use our spreadsheet template with the student/parent data and it can be bulk imported to the system.

On the Website:

  1. Go to My School --> Students. Use the "Add Student" button at the top right or use the Quick Actions on the top right of each screen.

  2. Enter in the child's first and last name and the room that they will be assigned to. Then Select "Create Student." 

  3. The Student will now display in your list of students on both the website and mobile devices. You can then invite the parents.

  4. Edit the profile to capture any other information including Tags, Notes, and Allergies by simply selecting the student's name in the My School --> Students page. 

Note: If you are adding a child who is a sibling to an existing child, click here for details on how to add or link siblings.

In the App:

  1. On the Home screen, use the add child icon in the upper right corner (shown below).  

  2. Enter the name of the child in "Tap to add student." Make sure the room is set correctly, as this will become the child's default room.

  3. Click on the child's name to edit their profile. Use the "+Add Parent" button or the "+Add Pickup" button to add to the child's authorized pickup list. 

  4. Once added, you can then click on the student's name to edit the profile and add tags.

Note: Parents/Guardians will be issued a Sign In-Out pin and have access to the child's account to view daily activities or make online payments;  the authorized pickups will only have a Sign In-Out pin with no access to child's account or payments.

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