Add Staff to your center to track the children's interactions during the day. When adding staff, you also have the ability to set different levels of access, depending on how much information a staff member needs to know from the website or app.

Add Staff:

Go to My School --> Staff and use the "Add Staff" button on the top right or click the Quick Actions at the top of each screen.

You will then be able to enter in the name and email address of your staff members. This will generate the staff member a pin that they can enter into the kiosk to clock in/out for the day. 

Inviting the staff member will allow for them to create their own login and allow you to use staff to staff messaging. You will also then be able to manage this staff member's privileges. 

Deactivate and Edit Staff:

To remove a staff member, click on the ellipsis (...) next to the teacher's Status and choose "Deactivate Staff." 

To edit staff information, you can use the pencil icon next to the name, address, hire date, and phone number fields. 

You can view staff members who have been deactivated by clicking on the icon next to the "Add Staff" button (see below).

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