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Managing Tags for Easy Filtering
Managing Tags for Easy Filtering
Create tags to categorize children into different groups, activities, etc.
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Tags can be an extremely useful tool when filtering for a particular group of students. This works especially well if your school has a larger number of students, or students with specific needs or schedules in the system.

For example, many preschools and daycares use tags to filter by:

  • Attendance for full day vs half day

  • Staggered dismissal times

  • Different age groups (infants, toddlers, pre-K, etc.)

  • Grade levels

  •  Allergies

  • Groups within each classroom

After care programs and camps might use tags to filter by:

  • Attendance in various extracurricular activities (dancing, art, sports, etc) or clubs 

  • Attendance for a single week of camp (week 1, week 2, week 3, etc.)

  • Early Release

  • Staggered dismissal times

  • Prepaid families

  • Drop-In students

View the following steps to learn how to create, assign, filter by, remove / edit, or untag children.

Step 1: Creating Tags

  • On the website: go to My School --> Tags to add a new tag.

  • In the app: Click on the Room at the top of the Home Screen and in the Tags section choose "Manage Tags" and use the "+" to create a new Tag.

Step 2: Assigning Tags 

  • On the website: go to My School --> Students, check the applicable student names and at the top select Batch Action --> Add Tags. Select the tags and click "Update."

  • In the app: Select the name of the student from the home screen, click "Edit," and scroll down to select tags.

Step 3: Filtering by Tags
Once you have applied tags, you will see that you are now able to “Filter by tags” on student lists. You will see this in the following places:

  • In the app: when taking Attendance, click the Room at the top of the screen to apply Tags. See screenshot below:

  • On the website: You will be able to filter by tags throughout the application including in attendance tracking and billing. You can do this by selecting the funnel to the right of a search bar. 

NOTE: When multiple tags are used, any children with at least one of those tags will be listed. 

Step 4: Removing or Editing Tags

  • On the website: My School --> Tags (pencil to edit, trash-can to delete)

  • In the app: Click on the Room at the top of the Home Screen and go to the Manage Tags screen. Click on the name of the tag you wish to edit or delete. 

Step 5: Untagging Children

  • On the website: Go to My School --> Students, click the name of the student, and "Edit Profile" to add or remove tags.

  • On the website: Go to My School --> Students. Check the box next to the student(s) names and use the Select Batch --> Remove Tags option.

  • In the app: Click the name of the child from the home screen and scroll down to deselect tags.

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