Procare, the one-stop Child Management Software, offers electronic Sign In-Out, Staff Timecards, Attendance Reports, Billing, Online Payments, Photo Sharing, and Parent Communications. 

Below are steps to set you up for success. Review the list and click on any steps you still need to complete and we will walk you through it. We are honored you chose us to go on this journey with you! 😊

Sign up for one of our group training sessions to learn more! We offer two training options:

  • Director Training - Learn how to set up your Procare account using the Admin Portal.

  • Staff Training - Learn how to record daily activities, take attendance, send messages and more!

Watch this video if you are a Child Care Provider:

Watch this video if you are an After Care Provider:

Download the App

Set Up your School

Try our Sign In-Out

Learn about Online Billing

Generate your Reports

Build Relationships with Parents 

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