Report of Students/Day

Use the attendance report and an excel formula to analyze data

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You can use the Attendance Report and the =COUNTIF excel formula to quickly generate a report of how many students attend your facility or classroom per day. This article will walk you through the 3 steps to extract this data.

Step 1: Download Detailed Report
Go to Reports, click on the "Monthly Hours" report, select your time frame, click Generate Report and use the XLS button to download

Step 2: Count Students/Day
Scroll to the bottom of the data column and use the following formula to count the number of entries per day:
To select the range simply drag to highlight the entire date's column of data, it will end up looking something like this: =COUNTIF(Q3:Q23,">0")

Step 3: Tally for all Dates
Now you can highlight that cell and drag it along the bottom to calculate the students who attended each day of the month

Note: If the children are signed in and out of multiple rooms each day that will create duplicates, you will first need to go in and delete all duplicate child entries before running the formula

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