Welcome back! We are absolutely delighted you have joined us for another exciting school year. We know you already have a lot on your plate welcoming new students and setting up classrooms. We are here to help!

** The display in the following video depicts an older version of Procare. Please be assured that the steps outlined in this video are accurate.

*Shortcut - watch this 4.5 minute video if you are an Afterschool program:

*Watch this video if you are a Daycare Program:

Step 1: Upload your new students: Upload Spreadsheet

Step 2: Manually update your existing students by going to My School-->Students

Step 3: Send out pins to the new families and invite them to use the app

Step 4: Set up recurring billing plans for all new students

Step 5: Add new teachers/rooms 

Step 6: Provide trainings if necessary.
Click here to view and download staff trainings and parent resources (for Back to School Night, etc) 

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