What's New

Learn about the latest updates to Procare's Child Care Platform app and website.

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Getting Started

Start here to set up your school; add children, staff, rooms and tags

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Engagement for Procare Desktop

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/Out & Attendance

How to track student attendance, parents sign-in students and staff clock-in

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Billing and Payments

Create recurring plans and collect online payments

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Learning Beyond Paper

These resources were designed to help Teachers excel in their classrooms as they utilize teaching strategies, child and classroom research as well as the activities provided by Learning Beyond Paper.

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Lessons & Learning

Lesson Planning and Milestone Tracking

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Use the Documents feature to create and send PDFs to parents, staff, and leads

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Parent App

Send Daily Activities, Messages and Newsletters; streamline your communication with parents

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Leads/New Enrollment

Track incoming leads and communicate with potential families

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Account Management

Manage email addresses, account settings, and student/family data

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Parents: Help Articles

Sign In-Out, Invoices, Daily Activities and Messaging Teachers

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Training Material

Instruction sheets and videos to train your staff and parents

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Back to School Training

View linked articles and quick demo videos to get you up to speed for Back to School!

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Procare Webinars

Procare's ongoing education for our schools

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Shared Services

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